Ann Chery stands out in sales, from Colombia to the International Market

Ann Chery is a brand that since its inception has been concerned about providing the best quality products and services to its customers, so that all women manage to feel better and more comfortable with their figure, shaping it to have the body they desire thanks to the different shapewear made entirely by the brand.

Founded in Cali, Colombia and with 33 years in the market,Ann Chery employs all the technological advances available to offer stylish and functional designs to suit every body type and need,from postsurgical compression girdles to original latex girdles. Thanks to celebrities who upload photos to their social media networks, they have become popular among Latin and afro descendant communities.

The brand is number one in sales in the United States and Mexico thanks to this last girdle, positioning itself since three years agoin the international market, which includes the Middle East and the European continent, specifically England, Spain, the Netherlands and France are part of the market where you can find these high quality shapewear.

The international commerce is opening its doors to Colombian products, and in order to maintain the reliabilityin these, you need to present brands like Ann Chery which allow openingthe way for future brands that wish to position themselves in this market. Clara Riveros, Ann Chery's Market Manager, concerning this aspect explains: "Consumers increasingly prefer the quality of Colombian manufacturing, which is the main attribute of our products and whichhas allowed us to achieve the goal of positioning ourselves in sales worldwide. In 2015, our goal is to continue exploiting and improving the manual process that makes us unique. In addition, position the "Made in Colombia"that Colombians are beginning to value so that we are be able to reach more people in the country ".

The products made in Colombia are slowly becoming essential elements within the needs of the people, after proving their high quality. Maintaining all these years this unchangeable characteristic, represents a positive vote for the brand and their products. In conclusion, all customers can experience the brand successfully as many times as they wish.