Celebrities help promote sales of Colombian Waist Shapers

Waist shapers, trainers or cinchers are the new trend among celebrities, increasing the earnings of those who wants to  sell from Colombia or the United States.

It´s a "trend" and a garment dating from the 1800's that with the passage of time and improvements in women's clothing has evolved, from workout to daily use girdles that are imperceptible under your clothing.

It requires a creative marketing strategy that accomplishes change in the perception of even the most reluctant customer to accept this type of clothing as a real aid to enhance your silhouette, seeking for the client to have that wasp waist so popular in Victorian times, and for new moms who want back into shape after having a baby.

Sales Celebrities Increase Sales

Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Amber Rose, Jessica Alba are just some of the celebrities who use this garment to transform their bodies, and create an enviable waist. Some people use them for the gym, as an essential element in everyday clothing, and even during bedtime, which according to Jessica allowed herself to get back into shape after having a baby.

Kim Kardashian Waist Cincher

There are many people who are against the use of these waist shapers or completely deny that the continuous use helps to reduce permanently waist measurements. Caroline Apovian MD, School of Medicine at Boston University professor and spokeswoman for the Obesity Society, said that "in my opinion, is completely absurd".

On the other hand there are those who vote for them, as Ann Chery does. Their latex waist shapers were in the US top online sales for more than 40 consecutive weeks. This shows the high quality of Latin products, especially Colombian in the US market.

Beneficios Benefits

After having put on the waist shaper, your posture will improve instantly. The girdle has a firm structure to maintain the body, and prevents slouching when you sit down or bend over. It's a great help especially for people who suffer from back pain due to poor posture.

In addition, it will give you an enviable waist depending on the girdle's material allowing heat to be generated in the middle area, and contributing to the loss of extra fluid that often accumulates in that section.

Consequently, it helps to boost people's self-esteem when they find themselves in front of a mirror noticing immediately a defined tinier waist, which can result in motivation to obtain that figure permanently.

Conclusión Conclusion

Clearly, everything must be accompanied by constant workout sessions and a healthy diet in order to have more effective results. This helps achieve more noticeable and permanent changes rather than just leaving the girdle to do all the work for itself. Although it may contribute by decreasing your appetite due to the pressure in the stomach it should not be taken as a way to diet, but as a co-helper of health improvements.