Post Liposuction Diet

After a liposuction has been made, your body is submitted to an enormous amount of stress going through a recovery process which influences both the recommendations of your physician and sticking to a diet rich in nutrients that help your skin heal inside and out.

When we talk about taking care externally, we want to maintain your skin in place and well compressed to relieve discomfort you could feel when you go through your recovery process by the use of compression garments that allow your skin to breathe while providing support your muscles need to heal is required.

Fajas Girldes

One of the post liposuction compression garments you can use is the 1020 Ann Chery Powernet line, which provides support to your whole body, arms, thighs, back, waist and hips while letting your skin breathe, avoiding uncomfortable abrasion caused by poor quality garments. It also functions as a posture corrector maintaining the waist and back firmly attached to maintain a good pose, and also relieving back pain.

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The complete choice process of post surgical girdles must be done with your physician, so that the garment is precise for your situation and can provide you with all the benefits possible.

Now that you have the tools to take care of the outside we'll explain some essential nutrients that will supply you with a boost of energy and vitamins without having to follow a boring, simple and bland diet, so that your inner care is the perfect supplement for a successful recovery.

Comida A Healthy Diet

The first thing you need to take in consideration is that your new lifestyle should be eating foods low in calories and saturated fat. That does not mean that all foods are going to be bad, you just need to learn more about the nutrients that provide each one and eat what is the best option for you.

Let's start with the morning, when you need the most energy to start off your day. You can eat pineapple, watermelon, or cantaloupe, as they are diuretic and full of vitamins that provide energy without supplying large amounts of sugar that deposit in your body. You can eat them in the form of natural juices without refined sugar, or you can use Stevia or Splenda to sweeten the juices. Also you can eat salads combining several fruits of them so you have a varied breakfast each morning, adding Greek yogurt low fat if you prefer.

good food post surgery

Green tea, black tea or warm water with lemon activate your metabolism and are diuretic, very important thing to keep in mind after any surgical procedure because your tissues are hurt and you must not strain. Keep in your diet tea and rich in fiber food which is the best tool at your disposal to prevent constipation.

By midmorning, it is indispensable to eat a fruit or yogurt to maintain your energy level. 

For lunch, you have even more options like fish or lean meats such as chicken for rich and healthy meals. Accompany with oatmeal water, natural juice, tea and/or salads.

Within the world of salads are green leaves that contain vitamins needed to help your skin heal as stated in previous post, and chlorophyll which is a well received value received by your body. You can vary the salads with soups or creams like “onion soup” or “celery root cream” that are light and give you support for several hours without having to stuff yourself with food.

Adding zinc to this nutrient package really helps recover and repair tissues as well as fat burning, which is very important at this point in your recovery and maintenance. If you do not find it in pills you can eat wheat or liver that are great carriers of this component.

For the mid-afternoon you can eat fruit, yogurt or a small fruit salad that supports your stomach until dinner time when you can eat chicken fajitas made with egg whites instead of wheat flour. You can use this last meal in many ways throughout the day without being afraid to try new things. Eggs are very versatile and can be combined it in salads, soups, as a tortillas substitute or flour in case you want to eat muffins.

healthy food post surgery

When you have some time make this new lifestyle a habit, then you can play and experiment further combining recipes and flavors you maybe didn’t know before. And as your recovery progress evolves you can start an exercise routine that will help you maintain your weight. Clearly all of this after consulting your doctor’s approval, then you can start with exercises like moderate walking one week after your procedure and gradually increasing the intensity of your activities to prevent the formation of blood clots. Keep in mind you must wait at least a month to exercise high strength and effort so that your body has enough potency to support your effort. 

Ejercicio Do Exercise

When you're abilities are one hundred percent, start an exercise routine according to your capacity and tastes, using a latex girdle that help you sweat more while you exercise. Workout sessions can be very boring when we don’t know what we like or what we’re good at, you should know yourself first and if necessary test different routines such as going to the gym, yoga, dance or crossfit. Give time to know if you really like it and if it not, go to the next and keep your body hydrated drinking several glasses of water a day to keep your skin elastic and promotes recovery.


Alcohol Alcohol

Alcohol should be avoided right after your surgery, and then consult your doctor about how much you can drink. It’s not that a casual drink or a glass of wine are absolutely prohibited but do not cross the line, as they have calories that are difficult to burn. Stay away from fast, fried, high processed and sugary food, cookies and preservatives alone are harmful to health. In conclusion, try to eat at home as much as possible and take healthy snacks to work or classes to avoid temptation. 

Conclusión Conclusion

Liposuction removes fat cells in specific areas, and even though they cannot reproduce the remaining ones can grow producing weight gain & centimeters in the areas where the procedure was performed. At the end, you’ll lose everything you've accomplished if you don’t keep a healthy diet plan accompanied with some type of exercise to burn extra fat deposited in the most uncomfortable areas.

Take this as the first step towards a healthy life. You already went through most difficult part of the process, now you only need to maintain and start a lifestyle according your goals. Remember that you put yourself obstacles, and finding ways to overcome them along the way is what will leave the most profound learning experience.