How to Burn Fat with your Waist Cincher

The first step to improve your lifestyle is making the decision to do so. When you walk into our page and choose the best girdle that suits your needs, for example if you are looking for a sports one, the model 2022 is ideal because of its high compression. As the image shows below:

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Vest girdles are recommended for people with a short torso because their thick straps prevent from moving from where they are while doing your workouts. On the other hand the model sports latex girdle 2026 is a bit longer with 3 hooks to close. All of them provide support for your back, correct your posture, speed up the production of heat and sweat in the upper body area, and come in nice colors that give an extra touch to your workouts. Like this one:

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Speaking of workouts, there are several options if you want to start putting your body in shape. One of them and the most recommendable is to find a coach with a stable clientele, and if possible referenced by acquaintances, to ensure that their methods are effective to register for. This will help you stay motivated during workout sessions, since many times when training with a coach in a group prevents to give up from assisting your classes.

Additionally, if you’d like to train in the comfort of your home you can find workout routines that can be adapted to the space, and equipment you possess so you make your workout as complete as possible.

Everything has to be done with moderation, as obsessing with exercise may be counterproductive. For example, there are people who like to run either in the morning, afternoon, evening, outdoors or on a treadmill. Such exercises are one hundred percent cardiovascular, and therefore help you to burn fat quickly, generating resistance and expanding your lung capacity on a large scale. Nevertheless, if you spend much time running the body may start burning muscles instead of fat.

TrainersTrainers say that:

Different coaches have different routines for the same purpose, to improve your endurance and help you lose weight. For example, Sergio Serrano who trains in Holmes Plane gyms explains that many factors influence lost weight: a balanced diet accompanied of medium intensity session for 35 minutes, as well as his favorite cardio routine combined with muscle toning.

With a similar thought, personal coach Jose Ramon Gutierrez prefers exercises that use the own weight of the person plus an energetic workout with a high average resistance, called Tabata, which combines 20 second exercises with 10 seconds of break for an exceptional blend between rest and movement throughout the routine depending on the coach and the person’s strength.

"My combination of exercises to lose weight combined with a low calorie diet is to use the treadmill for 20 minute sprints, and 10 minute slow walks". This pairing has to be performed 8 times summing up a total of high-intensity aerobic training for 4 minutes, that will make you combustion more fat than traditional cardio.

When working with a personal trainer as Sergio Serrano or José Ramón, and still don’t have enough physical condition to support your training, the routines are modified so that we can complete all training phases. On the other hand when we exercise at home, we must be conscious of our capabilities.

Bearing this in mind, I present the 4 best workouts you can do at home!

TimeInterval Excercises:

Interval training can be performed by people in their homes without any problem, as long as you have control over the amount of time you spend exercising. Another important factor is to constantly hydrate yourself, so you don’t suffer from low blood pressure or some other complication.

Such exercises speed up your metabolism, and allow your body to burn fat after training for up to 48 hours.

To perform these types of exercises, mix a low-intensity jog or walking for about 3-4 minutes with a run of 3 or 4 minutes, extending the circuit for 40 minutes. The Tabata method is one of the most entertaining ways of performing these sessions, and has many routines that can be exchanged for something new and different every day. Keep in mind you must have some physical resistance to perform this particular circuit.

Flat Tummy Exercises for the Lower Abdomen:

Lower abs – although they are really a part of the same group of frontal muscles - are one of the areas that concern both women and men the most because it is a very visible area, and belts tend to press and create an undefined figure.

To shape this problem in the area, you can consider these centralized exercises:

Vertical Scissors: This type of exercise is performed by placing your back horizontally on the floor, and lifting your legs while alternating one up and one down. You can start with short sets of 10 repetitions followed by 5 seconds of rest between each one to complete 10 series, and gradually increase the number of repetitions as you progress and you increase your resistance.

This type of training must be accompanied by a high protein, low in carbohydrates and low saturated sugars diet, so that the result looks more effective. Water consumption to keep your body fresh and hydrated should not be less than 2 liters per day.

Leg elevation: Maintaining the same position as before, raise both legs at the same time and lower them without touching the ground. You can obtain help by placing your hands under your buttocks, so you prevent injuries and abuse in the area of the spine, and lumbar area. Repeat this as many times as the previous exercise.

All of these routines are perfect to burn fat in localized areas such as the abdomen. In addition, the use of a latex girdle can increase the amount of heat that is generated helping fat burn, and shaping your waist to keep those curves that everyone desires to show.

Likewise, men can use reducing shapewear to help generate sweat in the abdomen. Furthermore, performing this type of exercise routine might help males obtain that desired six pack everyone wants to show at the beaches or the gym.

ComidaFood & Beverages to Burn Fat:

Lean meats either pork, beef, lamb, chicken breasts or fish are the preferred allies to improve your diet, but that does not mean you should eat bland food without any seasoning. For example you can season them with bell peppers, red pepper, cayenne pepper, a little salt and roast them with little or no oil at all. As a result you’d have tasty and healthy food.

You can accompany all of your food with citrus juices like grapefruit, orange melon or watermelon, sweetened with Splenda or a sweetener that does not add calories to your diet. The vitamins they provide are a source of vital energy that will complement your daily workout process.

If you like hot infusions you can try drinking green tea that helps among other things to prevent cancer of the bladder, esophagus, ovary, or pancreas. It also helps to control your weight and to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Even though it’s an acquired taste it can be combined with other infusions according to your taste preference, like apple or orange flavored.

Besides, you can garnish salads and meats with olive or sesame oil. They give a tasty and special touch to your meals without adding saturated fat, and help with the absorption of nutrients in every meal.


When anxiety hits you in the afternoon, the best thing you can do to eat a snack. Forget potatoes, candies and cookies. Try eating fresh fruits with a little sweetener as a sweet treat to pamper yourself.

If you work and don’t have time to eat home, then you can make a fruit salad and refrigerate it. Bananas and apples, that are easily oxidized, can be dipped for a few minutes in lemon water to cut the process and last all the afternoon.

Popcorn is the healthiest snacks you can find, since they come directly from grain without additives, preservatives and dyes that are harmful to your health. The best way to measure how much to prepare them, is placing a small amount on your hand that will be enough to fill a small cup so you avoid excessive consumption.

Also you can eat nuts such as peanuts, pistachios or Brazil nuts. They all have with an acceptable calorie level and help you keep your cells healthy and protected.

Eating quinoa as a grain substitute for celiac or allergies related to gluten, because it has enough fiber to meet your nutritional requirements. It also aids digestion, and is versatile enough that can be used in savory or sweet dishes.

 TipSpecial Tip

Keep your stress levels controlled because it can inhibit you from having a good night's sleep, and this will make harder the process of burning fat, accumulating it in the abdominal area. Keep alcohol and caffeine levels low since they may be reflected in your figure. It doesn’t mean that some social drinks or morning coffee are banned, but don´t exceed, remembering that everything will reflect on your body and skin.