Waist Cincher vs Girdle: The Difference

Waist cinchers, sport and post-surgery girdles have become a pretty popular topic of conversation between women and men from a couple of years ago to these days. Especially when celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and more recently Kylie Jenner post on their social networks images of their compression garments that shape their waists until they get the much desired wasp waist.

Kylie Jenner 

Whether it’s a girdle or a waist cincher, the preference among women for one or the other may be based on many factors such as a recommendation from the doctor or family member, who prefer one over the other by tradition rather than effectiveness.

Today we’ll show the real differences between these two pieces, so that the decision to buy one or the other is only yours.

Waist Cincher Waist Cincher

One of the reasons to recommend a waist cincher is because of its convenience when being worn. Since it compresses a small area like the abdomen they are perfect for people with a short torso, and will not create discomfort under your breasts, pushing them up and harming your skin. The waist cincher also provides back support, and helps you improve spinal problems especially caused by a bad posture while you work all day long sitting, or slouching while standing.

Models may vary according your need since there are not only short ones to tighten the waist. You can also find the vests that come with thick straps to prevent movement, and the longer cinchers for people of all sizes. All of them are within Ann Chery’s catalogue, and come with an external latex coating and an internal cotton coating which promotes the generation of heat and sweat in the middle area to help get rid of retained liquid.

Waist Training Vest 

On the other hand, the plastic surgeon Stephen Greenberg explains that “waist trainers generally don’t help in terms of a long-term effect to lose waist sizes". Supporting his point of view the founder of Unique Dark Garden Corsetry, Autumm Adamme, says that “there are some waist cinchers that only compress the middle area, but don’t provide a genuine or comfortable support causing possible harm or internal organ damage”.

However, this will depend largely on the quality, the brand, and if the recommendations are followed as an excessive usage or a smaller size can cause real harm to your health.

One of the side effects that can be experienced is the loss of appetite. It’s necessary to maintain control over what you eat and how much you eat to avoid any unbalance. In addition, beginners may feel a lot of pressure while the cincher stretches and gets used to compression. As a result, you may suffer from physical discomfort; therefore the waist cincher should be removed for the rest of the day.

Cinta métrica Girdle

It’s longer and has cups to maintain its shape, preventing rolling up or down. They also contain closure hooks, and its material can generate heat to accelerate the process of extra fluid that the body may be retaining.

They are perfect as a body-support garment that will not be visible under clothing and that’s why is so popular. Besides it shapes your buttocks and hips, as well as flattening your abdomen so the silhouette changes completely when you use a girdle.

Currently they are one of the items most commonly used for if you have an elegant night out, or when it’s required to wear formal attire. Therefore it gives you a stunning figure whenever you want to look flawless, hiding all lingerie marks for a soft and smooth appearance.

While there are still older models in the market that exclusively focus on flattening the abdomen with straps, crafting techniques alongside modern and fresh materials provides a variety of models and designs to suit all needs and sizes.

Regardless of gender, men and women can use the girdle as a garment to improve posture and relieve back pain. It will always be advised to talk to a doctor to know what garment is best in your case. Moreover, Customer Service is always ready to answer any questions that may arise regarding the uses and sizes. It’s only a matter of entering Ann Chery’s website, opening the Chat or calling the numbers that are there.

Post Parto Postpartum

New models come with internal structural bones that prevent the garment from rolling up or down, maintaining compression in all areas from the time you wear them. When you are looking for an item the best thing to do is to organize your priorities so you don’t buy the wrong model. Therefore it’s important to think about feeling comfort throughout the day, their effectiveness and durability. If the garment meets all these expectations, then it is appropriate.

Many mothers, who have used this type of clothing comment on social networks and blogs say that in addition to maintaining a good posture, compressing your abdomen and hips, they prevent from fluid retention that occurs after giving birth or having a C-section. This retained fluid will naturally fade away after about two to six weeks, but the use of the girdle is an additional assistance that can be provided to the body so it recovers more easily from delivery. 

They add that it doesn’t only help to loosen the abdomen’s skin so it returns to its place, but it’s an extra support when going through the recovery process. Besides, it psychologically helps you give the feeling of having the same body as before giving birth, which is beneficial to increase self-esteem during the first few months after giving birth.

 Doctor The doctor says:

The OB / GYN Sheryl Ross and expert in women's health at St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica, California says that “Girdles support the abdomen, and I think psychologically help women to feel better, because your stomach does not feel as loose ... But I don’t think it does much physically to get your abdomen contracted or to improve blood circulation to a C-section incision. It's just a shell of support, and that is what you get from it”.

But the fact that many women say the pressure applied can suppress appetite, and as consequence loss weight loss after continuous use, is well appreciated. However, this should not be taken as a substitute of a healthy diet and a daily exercise routine. 

You can find information for a healthy diet to lose weight with your girdle in our previous post.


Both Girdles and Waist Cinchers are tools that help you lose centimeters in the abdomen and hips providing spine support. As long as you use them responsibly and don´t exceed the compression in the garment especially Waist Cinchers that have different levels of compression, and can actually cause pain in the ribs and deformation of the middle area, as Adamme explained. However, thanks to its effective compression of problem areas, they are perfect to use under an evening gown highlighting every curve of your body.