How to Wash and Store Your Ann Chery Waist Trainer?

Compression garments, whether for sports or daily use become a part of the daily secret arsenal for many people. When it’s time to go to the gym they hold the abdomen firm helping to keep a good posture, and generating extra heat in the middle area to produce more sweat during the day correct posture, shaping hips and abdomen to give you a sexy, curvy figure in seconds.

Faja Ann Chery 

Then, you must provide your compression garment proper care, so that it lasts for a long time and is able to maintain its bright colors and elasticity, without odors due to sweat stains and bad care.

You should wash your shapewear depending on the amount of sweat your body produces, and how often it’s used as it’s a big mistake to use them for several weeks without giving them proper care. While it’s true that washing them too often can wear the fabric down, leaving them without rinsing for more than a week can cause itching or skin rashes to your waist, and shorten the life of your garment.

Follow these tips to keep your girdles clean and in good shape at all times.

Corazón Use mild soap

Use a mild soap with a neutral pH, as they don’t irritate your skin, and therefore don’t damage your shapewear. You may also use the shampoo of your preference, or cleansing water that can be purchased at facial cleansing stores or through the internet.

Place in a container with warm water, and add soap until you get soapy water that is perfect for rinsing your cincher, without causing any damage. Make sure the soap has dissolved well, so that you prevent particles from sticking or staining your clothing. 

Do not use bleach, as they are very strong cleaning agents, and will damage the fabric causing elasticity and firmness to be lost.

Then change the soapy water for clean water to rinse your cincher. You can add softener, but repeating the water process, and first of all make sure it is properly dissolved before applying it to your garment.

Manos Hand wash

Using a clean towel, dip it into the soapy water and pass it lightly over your garment until the smell, and dry sweat completely disappears. If necessary, you can immerse the girdle gently rubbing it with your hands without scrubbing, to remove any stain that forms on the fabric.

Do not use sponges or brushes to clean, since they can damage the material that covers your garment, get lint making it ugly, and also turn the fabric very thin causing it to break easily.

Don’t use a washing machine as well. It can melt some parts of your girdle in the case you use very hot water. Additionally, the sudden blade movement of these machines is too strong for the garment, and at the end of the cleaning process can present irreparable damage, as a broken internal structure or the loss of the seams.

Prohibido  Don't squeeze

If you wish to keep your shapewear firm and in shape for a long time, you should avoid at all costs squeezing it to get rid of the excess water it may have, either because you soaked it in water to eliminate the sweat and grit it could have, or because you the towel you used a wetted towel your garment.

The best way to remove water excess is taking a dry towel and pressing the girdle against it, as to absorb as much water as possible so that the drying process is shorter, and doesn’t absorb bad odors.

Aprobado Use Fresh Air

When you finish getting rid of water excess, stretch out your waist cincher where it can receive fresh air, or suspend it from two hangers to maintain its shape. Place the girdle indoors, but in a place where it can get enough air to dry completely.

You must avoid at all costs exposing your waist trainer, either printed or with solid colors, to direct sunlight as it may become discolored. As a consequence, you run the risk of damaging the latex covering which is a very delicate material, coming to lose elasticity and its internal structure can be broken, trespass the fabric and cause damage to your skin, leaving your girdle useless, and shortening its life.

To ensure that is completely dry, make it receive fresh air for at least 4 hours before storing the garment for an upcoming occasion. Don´t put it near other garments while it’s still wet, because it can discolor, and also placing it near leather clothing can cause damage to your cincher.

In extreme cases you need your garment to dry quickly, you can use a hair dryer with cold air and low intensity.

 Guardar To Store

Once dry, don’t iron! If done your garment will be permanently damaged, because the iron transmits extreme heat, and it’s very harsh for the materials eventually melting in your hands.

The girdles have a firm internal structure which prevents bending it in some places, but you can follow its natural form and store it in dark spaces like a dresser or wardrobe.

Fasten all of the hooks and eye closures to avoid the girdle attaches to other garments, and be damaged or unsewn. Also when you placed in your wardrobe on a hook, it can get caught with your clothes and be torn.

Find a place where it doesn’t receive direct sunlight, as it may become discolored, losing its showiness and quality.