How To recognize your Type of Body?

Often you hear designers say or in boutiques that each style, cut and garment design highlights different parts of the body, depending on the shape and proportions of your body.

This means it is very important to know what kind of body we have, to get full benefits. For this, there are different ways to be conscious of our proportions; each one works not only to understand what clothing works out or not, but also what kind of molding garment will bring out the best qualities of our body.

Commonly you can find four types of body shape: apple, pear, table or banana and hourglass, each one differs from the others in the areas of the body where fat is stored.

Body Shapes 

To know your body type, you should stand in front of a mirror in your underwear, so that there is the least amount of layers possible that can modify the natural shape of your body. See yourself in detail and take a tape measure, do not use the metal ones used in construction, since they can hurt you and don’t provide the most accurate measurements, as they won’t adapt to your body curves or measure all the spaces needed.

Have ready paper and a pen so you can write down all your measurements. Start with your waist, which starts one finger above your belly-button, or stand with a straight posture in front of your mirror and bend to the side, where a crease is formed on one side, under the ribs, then that's your waist. Place the tape over that area, without sucking in your belly, as this will produce erroneous measurements. Now, jot down the number you obtain.

Then for your hips, place the tape to measure from one side, beginning with one hip and going around the widest part of your buttocks to go to the other one arriving to the point where you started.

Finally measure your breasts taking as a starting point your nipples. Start by putting the tape there, and go around your back in a straight line until you get to the point of departure.

When all of your measurements are ready, you will have a clearer view of the proportions of your body.

Apple or Oval

Apple Shape

The easiest way to identify this type of figure is by the prominence of your waist, which may or may not be proportional to the measurement of the hips and breasts, or the extent is greater at the bottom than the top –shoulders & waist-. However, sometimes women can have wide hips and waist but the top area is much smaller, and still the silhouette can be identified as oval or apple.

This body type can be modeled with compression garments that cover from beneath the breasts to the waist, while shaping the hips and flatten the belly and stomach, providing extra support, relieving lumbar and back pain.

After you acquire the proper garment under your clothes, let's focus on the outside. You can use straight-cut skirts that give the illusion of symmetry between your upper body and lower. In addition, you can show off your legs with an extra touch to your outfit using beautiful high heels, so the appropriate parts of your legs are highlighted. Pair it with V-neck shirts; they focus attention on the upper part of your body rather than the bottom.


Pear Shape

Your hip measurement will be larger than your waist and possibly breast, so when you look in the mirror, they will stand out from your silhouette, also your tail will also be much more prominent.

If you want to define your waist and shape your hips even more, you can use an Ann Chery’s waist cincher that besides having a strong internal structure, it has a model that releases your breasts with thick straps that hold the garment in place while you exercise, or perform household chores. Furthermore, its coating causes heat generation in the middle area, removing excess fluid that can be retained in that area.

As for clothing you can use to highlight your attributes, dresses that are tight under your bust which leave the bottom loose, fabrics with drapes, and skirts to the knee as they will embrace your curves and bring out the best attributes from you. You can use accessories that draw the attention to your upper-body, since usually it’s smaller than the bottom.

Avoid using rounded lines that give the impression of volume or the impression of a lot of weight in your lower zone.

Table or Banana

Bannana Shape

If your hips and shoulders are the same size or give the impression of having the same width, your figure is straight. You can use styles like pencil skirts or tailored pants that embrace your body, and thin waist belts that accentuate this area are your best friends.

Such figures can be molded with a waist shaper that is aimed to shape this zone with the objective to provide you an hourglass silhouette, which is curvilinear and balanced.

Ann Chery’s girdles have the property of adapting to any type of body that the person has enhancing your curves, providing the shape you desire, and making you feel much better with the clothes you want to use. The compression garments after being continuously used, begin to semi permanently shape the waist, so you can use any kind of clothes and your wasp waist will be the focus of attention.

But not only do they shape your waist, but shape your hips and give you a correct posture as well, since it won’t allow you to slouch forward or to the sides. This visually adds a few centimeters to your height, giving you confidence when you walk in front of others.



Hourglass Figure
When your hips and shoulders have the same measure, and when looking in a mirror your bust and hips stand out, and your waist is much smaller, your figure is called hourglass.

It is not very common, but it is one of the most proportionate ones, as the definition of these areas is usually quite noticeable, and many women wear girdles to obtain this kind of figure. Its strips can help the return of your defined waist after pregnancy, and when your body is going through a lot of stress.

Waist cinchers are very good at defining your waist when you see some rolls that shouldn’t exist, because they only cover your waist and the area under your breasts, they don’t bother when walking, and help you during your gym workout sessions making you generate more sweat and getting rid of liquid retained in such areas.

You can use tight jeans, pencil or adjusted to the knee skirts that highlight your curves. However, stay away from shirts with frills on the chest/neck, and large prints for both pants, jeans, shirts or flannels. That will only make you look too big and we do not want that.

Arrow  Remember that...

.You must not obsess yourself with diet and exercise to reshape your body. The way we see ourselves depends a lot on what we eat and how much physical activity is included in our daily routine, but there is no way to change the way the body stores fat. So focus on healthy eating and use the tools in your hand, such as Ann Chery’s shapewear to give a boost on your way to becoming healthy.