Benefits of sweating during the exercise

Sweating is the method that the body has to cool off your skin and organs that otherwise would overheat. For many people this turns out to be something nasty because the sticky feeling may remain on the skin after sweating, but it is not a process that should be avoided, since the skin is our largest organ and it must stay fresh.

Through sweat toxins and chemicals that may be harmful are eliminated, such as sodium, ammonia, urea, salt, sugar and potassium. Therefore its salty taste and when it comes to fall in your eyes, burns or itches a little.

During the day, a person can lose up to 10% of water in the form of sweat. This in warmer climates, such as the ones experienced in tropical countries or warmer states like Ecuador, Venezuela or Colombia, you might experience abundant sweating, especially during midday hours until the afternoon when the sun is most imposing moment and warms everything around it.

The amount of sweat that a man and a woman release throughout the day is very different, because of a very simple cause; men tend to be bigger than females. This also applies to overweight people, so Dr. Craig Crandall explains "... your body is larger, resulting in greater heat generation during the activity".

Ejercicio Why is good to sweat during physical exercise?

When people practice some sort of high-impact activity that requires physical effort or that is practiced at high temperatures as hot yoga, then your body temperature increases to the point that you need to freshen and go back to normality. As Dr. Crandall explains, “A high physical level allows a greater exercise load, which generates more heat and in turn results in more sweat”

This brings many additional health benefits because the skin needs to be cleaned from impurities that may penetrate during the day. When your heart activates, it sends more blood to organs such as your lungs and skin causing sweat production that permits contamination to go out from your body, and you can enjoy a healthy and smooth skin.

If we add the fact it also activates your immune system, producing white blood cells that protect and defend your body. At the same time, the risk of suffering from kidney stones is decreased since the salt accumulated in your body is discarded in the form of sweat. That being so, the value of exercise increases.

Fajas Girdles

To enhance the production of heat in your middle zone, an Ann Chery girdle has the advantage of a latex coating that helps generating more heat, and facilitates the production of constant sweat while you wear it. But that's not all, its internal bones make this compression garment an effective and comfortable posture corrector that relieves back and lower back pain that may appear from keeping your back bent in unfavorable positions, either sitting or standing. They also have several levels of compression to suit all body types, and maintain their position throughout training sessions if you practice a sport, or during your household chores.

However, they shouldn’t be used for more than four hours a day due to its high level of compression, and can eventually cause damage to your skin and internal organs when if your exceed the recommended hours.

Therefore the girdle turns out to be an ally for sweat production and fat. If you perspire when you exercise you will also lose fat all over your entire body such as your thighs. It’s often noticed anti-cosmetic cellulite throughout this area and can be fought in many ways, for example continuously exercising since the more complete your routine is, the more effective it’s going to be.

So sweat and don’t worry. Just remember to clean the remnants after you refresh yourself since leaving dried sweat on your skin it’s not recommended at all, because like makeup when much time left on your skin, it clogs your pores and can cause uncomfortable rashes.

Agua Keep yourself hydrated

A very important fact which cannot be overlooked is that the body needs to continue to be hydrated even if you lose weight in fluids through urine, and sweat.

You can see that a pot of boiling water as long as it has enough liquid the fire will have something to heat, but when it’s left too long it begins to evaporate. Unless water is added again, it will come to a point where there isn’t any more left to be warmed and the pot might burn.

The same thing occurs to your body, even when it discards a certain amount of liquid through sweat you need to fill these reservoirs, either with energy sports drinks or fresh water so that you can have fuel to continue producing sweat, and clean the pores that have opened due to high body temperature.

No sudar What happens if I don't sweat?

If you are doing an activity that will require you much physically or you’re in a very humid environment that causes sweating in your body, and this does not occur then you should seek medical help. As a consequence of this situation, you run a high risk of a heatstroke since the skin cannot cool to return to normal temperature.

Since externally you feel heat internally as well, organs feel rising temperatures and may be affected by them.

On the other hand, your skin cannot get rid of harmful toxins found in the environment, food or water that we daily deal with.

Sudar mucho What happens if I sweat too much?

This condition is called hyperhidrosis, where excessive sweating occurs for no apparent reason when you feel extreme heat or a strong emotion. It usually occurs more expansively in your armpits, face and hands.

It is advisable that you speak to an expert on this subject, but one the best treatments proven to be quite effective is injecting Botox especially in the armpits to decrease the amount of sweat produced. While it is not a permanent solution, it is a way to attack the disorder.

Strong Boost Sweat Production

A relaxing way to increase production of sweat is saunas; both traditional and infrared warm your body causing sweat generation that cools your skin and therefore clean pores and skin.

Infrared saunas are said accelerate the expulsion of toxins by 20% because they warm your body from within; unlike traditional ones that help release 3% of toxins because they heat from the outside in, making the process of releasing slower.

This type of treatment can then be used to train your muscles to relax and unwind in more comfortable surroundings. But before you try this technique, you must have the approval of your doctor since people who suffer from a heart condition should not come into saunas of any kind, because it is contraindicated.