Saunas VS Steam Rooms

Saunas and steam rooms have been used for a long time, as a way to relax the body and soul after a long workout routine or a stressful day at work, but how much do we actually know about them?

In our previous article, we talked about saunas as an excellent way to generate more sweat and release toxins that can be potentially harmful for the body. Now we are going to delve deeper into the subject.

Let’s start with the saunas, often found at gyms or spas: they are wooden cover cabins. They produce heat through electricity and they have hot stones you can add water to in order to produce steam and elevate the temperature, as well as several infrared that produce heat using electricity around the entire area.

On the other hand, steam rooms or Turkish baths have been used since ancient times as a way to cleanse the body and soul of any impurity that might be collected through the day. These only generate steam, similar to saunas, to raise the body temperature and open the pores but people sweat less than in saunas. They can also have a Japanese style, where a wooden tub is filled with boiling water and the person enters to relax and enjoy both the hot water and the steam.

Care  Before and After Care

Before you enter a sauna or a steam room, you must take a shower with fresh or tepid water to clean your skin and ease the sweat release, enter the cabin for 10 minutes, if you are not used to the heat produced, sit on a lower bench, since the intense heat usually concentrates at the top, and don’t forget to carry a towel where you can sit and avoid catching any kind of disease.

After the 10 minutes are finished, take another fresh water shower, starting with your arms and legs all the way to your torso, then enter again for another 5 minutes, and finish with a last shower to clean your skin of the sweat generated within the cabin.

If you have an exfoliating sponge or loofah, as well as some anti – cellulite creams, you may use them to get a smoother and softer skin. You will also get rid of any dead skin so that your skin can recover easily.

Bennefits  Benefits

Opens up your pores through your entire skin, as your heart begins to pump more blood and produce sweat, and during this time your body will release toxins, dead skins and any other impurities.

The heat will make the muscles relax, which is why these practices are so recommended to people with any diseases or ailments in the joints or who simply have a high stress level in their everyday life, so they can relax their muscles.

People who suffer from insomnia and stress can feel an improvement at the time they go to bed, after a sauna session.

The steam rooms help people with respiratory problems or lungs diseases, in a similar way people use a steamer to open up the respiratory tracks.

Since the elevated heat can cause your heart’s beat to get elevated, both rooms can help you lose some calories, but it is not the most effective way to lose weight.

They help the production of white cells, therefore strengthening the immune system.

The steam hydrates the skin and makes it look younger and smoother.


Don't Counter – indications

You must not do more than two sessions a day, and never go above three sessions in a week, since these kinds of practices drain so much of the body liquids, which must be replaced with rich in electrolyte beverages.

People with a heart condition must not enter steam rooms or saunas without their doctor’s clearance, since they could suffer from a heart attack due to the high temperatures.

Similarly, anybody with circulation problems or varicose veins should not enter a sauna or steam room.

Pregnant women should stay away from saunas and steam rooms, since the excessive heat in the uterus could harm the baby.

These practices are designed to relax the body and spirit, so it is not recommended to exercise inside the cabins. You can suffer a heat stroke or extreme dehydration.

Women on their period must not enter steam rooms, let alone saunas, since they can suffer a severe hemorrhage.

Arrow Conclusion

Before you enter a sauna it’s important to consult with trainers, in the case of people who practice sports regularly or go to the gym, or doctors for those who have heart or lung problems, since the high temperatures within these places can have a counter – productive effect.

The rooms do not make people lose weight, you may lose some calories due to the liquid loss and acceleration of the heart rate, but the best way to lose any extra pounds is by exercising and having a healthy diet.

These practices carry big benefits for your health, whether by using a sauna or a steam room, since it’s necessary for both the skin and body to release toxins and dead skin. It’s also a way to take care of the biggest organ in the human body, which also protects us from external agents, but it’s constantly exposed to pollution, due to cars, factories, therefore a weekly session of sauna will be beneficial to the health, skin body and soul.

Remember to relax after your session, put on some warm clothes after your shower and do not make any abrupt movements, like sitting down or standing up very quickly since your blood pressure may lower. Your body has just gone through a detox process and has been subjected to high temperatures, always take that into consideration.