New Collection: Ann Chery's Girdle Metallized 

Ann Chery has shown over the years that it’s a Colombian brand with an extensive experience, both online and in traditional shops, which takes advantages of opportunities to improve, to grow, and to offer its customers the best products to remain number one in the Latin and North American market.

This time they want to surprise the market with a new colorful & metalized shimmer collection, which uses the best materials and the most advanced technology to produce a garment that achieves maximum results during your training sessions, and are perfect to be used without any fear of being seen through your clothes, since their flashy and modern designs make them a perfect accessory to cause sensation during workouts.

SaleNew Collection

This new line is called "Metallic Shapewear" where they combine in a single product modern colors, with metallic finishes, and the best molding garment Hollywood stars love for its amazing results and effectiveness to achieve enviable and defined curves.


They maintain their hooks of two or three fasteners which allow the Cincher to adjust as much as necessary, and the latex coverage generates extra heat in the middle area to enhance the production of heat and sweat, freeing the liquid that may be retained.

The best way to exercise with style and femininity is with Ann Chery’s shapewear, which are always a step ahead in design, innovation, efficiency and the best materials, dealt with top-notch technology to provide a truly effective and beautiful garment that suits the active, modern woman.