Did you know that Ann Chery’s Compression Garments are excellent to relieve back pain?

Back pain can occur for many reasons such as sitting for many hours in the office or in front of a cash register is one of the most notorious cases in sedentary jobs since it causes the back muscles to suffer by being in a position for a long time, and in other cases just by having a constant poor posture.

Back in the days there were many home remedies that could be used to alleviate these ailments only if they ranged from mild to moderate, since when it becomes a chronic pain it is best to go to a doctor for further evaluation of the problem.

Masajes Massages

A massage with essential oils will always help to relax your tense muscles after a long day of work. Two types of oils can be easily created in the comfort of your home:

  • Marjoram lavender oil: It can be done with baby oil or olive oil with marjoram leaves inside. Let it rest for about four days and then you can rub the area with pain for a few minutes with circular movements.
  • Chamomile oil: It is accomplished by placing some fresh chamomile flowers in an airtight jar with a lid for two weeks in the sun, then stored in the refrigerator, and should be warmed up a bit before use to help improve ailments.
  • Anti-inflammatory Ointments: These are freely available in pharmacies, and can be used depending on the amount and frequency of pain with the same circular motion oils. The difference is that they have the ability to heat with friction and cooled to give a cold/hot effect in the affected area.

TemperaturaCold & Heat

This technique is not only used to relieve back pain, but also to relieve almost any muscle pain because it allows it to relax and heal. 

You should apply an ice pack on the affected area for about twenty minutes, remove it, wait five minutes for the intense cold to decrease and apply another compress, this time hot, in the same area for another twenty minutes. This process must be done four times and be repeated for two continuous days.

Notes Recommendations

For people who have a sedentary job even though they seek to maintain constant movement when standing and walking around the office, they spend many hours sitting with the back hunched and often stand with a poor posture so these back problems do not yield quickly.

That is why we need to follow certain recommendations to improve and relieve this pesky back and neck pain.

Ejercicio Exercise yourself

The best way to release tension when you live a quite stressful routine is through exercise allowing the body to stretch and relax the muscles that become tighten during the day. The pre- and post-stretching routines prevent damage to your muscles and at the same time stretch your back muscles that remain in one position for long period of time.

Using Ann Chery’s Metalized Compression Garments you can enhance the production of heat in the middle area, which reaches the back helping to improve the inconvenience you may have in that zone due to many hours of sitting. There is no need to overdo your exercise time to achieve better results since it can be counterproductive, and cause even more harm.

Talk to your coach to know how to perform the exercises correctly without further damage your back.

Sitting Improve your posture

It's something very common that sounds easy, but when it comes to implement becomes a complex task. Many people spend so much time sitting in the same position that when they straighten their back the discomfort is so intense, they continue to slouch.

However there are several ways to help be seated correctly:

  • Use shapewear as a posture corrector. While it may be somewhat difficult to believe, compression garments are not only made to shape hips, thighs and tummy, but also to improve your posture which help relieve back and neck pain as they force to maintain good posture while using them.
  • Use a small pillow in your lower back to have extra support while sitting. This type of pads can be bought in stores that sell medical products, and with the recommendation of a doctor who knows the special needs of each patient to help improve their condition.
  • Use a special chair that has enough covering to be comfortable and ergonomic while avoids backaches, allows greater comfort when sitting, and gives support to the lower back.

Cincher Ann Chery's Note

The fajas can be used as a way to relieve and prevent back pain; either while exercising with one from the latex collection or at work, but at no time should the time of usage be exceeded for more than four (4) hours, due to the high compression they maintain.


That does not mean you should be used with fear to get some damage in your body. Vest style compression garments are perfect for those who tend to move a lot, and may feel that a waist trainer moves from its place. The shoulder straps allow the compression girdle to maintain its position throughout the day, and are very easy to adjust thanks to the front hooks having three levels of compression that once fastened are invisible under clothing.

Back Side Cincher

They can be worn with a formal or casual attire without any fear that some skin rolls will leak out, because their high design on the back and shoulders smoothes the skin while helps to maintain a good posture as well.