Easy tips to get used to wearing your Ann Chery Latex’s Faja


Wearing a compression faja for the first time is not an easy task, especially because it is not a mandatory requirement for women’s body to be similar, which is why there are different kinds of fajas such as vests with wide straps on the shoulders, and cinchers, which are shorter and cover a specific area of the body.

To use the Ann Chery Fajas and Cinchers with the most efficiency and comfort, we have some tips that would be useful from buying the garment to use it as a tool to mold and define your figure.


Time Wear it for a short period of time

If this is your first time wearing a molding compression faja, the most advisable is to wear it for a short period of time. An average of an hour and a half up to two hours will allow your body to get used to the compression sensation.

At the same time your back will take on a more straight position thanks to the rods holding the cincher steady. This will not restrict you as far as movement is concern, it will simply modify the way you sit down and while you are standing, it will help your back keep a straight positionrelieving you of any back of lumbar pain or avoid them completely.

You must take into consideration, that while you are getting used to, you should always fasten your Ann Chery faja on the first hooks, since the cinchers are high compression garments and they can be rather tight at the beginning, and once your body gets used to the compression and wearing it, you can move forward to the next compression level and wear it for another hour as long as it is comfortable enough to breathe and perform you usual activities, never exceeding the daily four hours.


Meaure Tape   Take Your Measures Before You Order Your Faja

Many times molding fajas don’t have the necessary effect or they are too tight, due to the fact that people don’t know their body type and they do not measure their waist and hips to learn their real size and order a faja that can adjust well to their body, neither too tight or too loose, which none would be beneficial.

In the case of people who have used a faja size for a long period of time, and have managed to accustom to the last level of hooks, we will suggest them to take their measures again and order a lower size than the one they are currently using, so they can continue their molding process.

We do not recommend in any case to adjust or exceed the wear time. Molding your waist and hips faster can have a counter – productive effect, causing bruises on your ribs and in some extreme cases, internal organ damage, which is something nobody wants.

Which is why the measuring process is so important. Within the Ann Chery website there is measure table showing what size you should order, according to the inches shown on your measuring tape. At the same time, the chat is always available to solve any doubts you have about it.


Correr   Try it at the Gym

One of the best ways to get used to your faja, make the most of it and boost your hips and waist centimeters’ loss is to wear it at the gym or during your daily workout routine.

This is due to the fact that Anne Cherry’s fajas are designed to help your body produce heat in the middle area, that both covers your waist and hips, accelerating the heat and sweat production, allowing the skin to feel refresh, releasing the toxins through the generated sweat, and avoiding overheating the skin.

At the same time your waist and hips are being molded until you get that hourglass shape, that looks so beautiful and your back gets straighter while you are running, lifting weights or squatting, since during these exercises your back tends to bend which may lead to some vertebra damage.

The benefit is greater then, because not only you are producing more heat and generating sweat, it’s also helping you keep your back straight while exercising, and it’s very likely that once you remove the faja, you will continue with a posture, eventually becoming a habit.


Drink Water  Drink Plenty of Water

After you have finished your full workout routine while wearing your Ann Chery Latex Faja, you have probably produced the double or even triple the sweat of what you would usually generate, and in many cases, people decide to drink only one or two glasses of water while training, due to the fact that they can feel too full or uncomfortable during physical activities.

This a very serious mistake, since you are producing more sweat than the one you would produce walking down the street or in normal situations, therefore you need to replace the liquid you are losing and the best way is by drinking more water, both during your workout routine, small sips to keep you hydrated, as well as after, so that your body can lower its temperature and replenish your water deposit.


Respira  Be Patient

 One of the most difficult things to do and accomplish is using your patience due to the fact that while we are wearing the faja we see immediate results, and once we remove it, it’s normal that both our waist and hips return to their normal position.

Because these are not Magical Fajas, but they help us mold our hips and waists, correcting our posture and getting rid of any bulges on our backs. It’s perfectly normal not seeing results as quickly as we would wish, but one of the most important things to take into consideration is that by wearing the Ann Chery faja constantly, having a workout regime and a balanced diet you would start to see long term results.

The perseverance and patience are two of the fundamental requirements when you want to accomplish any set up goals in your life and if yours is to have that wasp waist so many women are dying to show off, persevere in your workouts and don’t leave aside your Ann Chery Compression Cincher.